Here is the changelog since last announced 0.2.38 version :

  • better XICs display
  • new window to display the list of MS run identifications : access to the parameters of each identification, quality control of MSruns (assigned percentages, MS1 MS2 counts …)
  • better masschroqML output, with the choice of the best MS run to use in the alignment, either automatically or manuall.
  • suppor of the modified version of X!Tandem from the TPP X!Tandem TPP (used to build DIA libraries)
  • new PAPPSOms++ library bringing powerfull MS filters, raw data file parsers…

Many thanks to the PAPPSO team and specially to Thomas Renne, bioinformatics apprentice, for the development of most of these new features.

You can join the X!TandemPipeline development team at : ForgeMIA gitlab

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