BEADS is a program for spot detection on 2-D gel images. It is based on an analogy with beads flowing uphill on the surface of the gel image and on the analysis of their paths.

Langella O, Zivy M. (2008) A method based on bead flows for spot detection on 2-D gel images. Proteomics, 23-24 (8) 4914-4918

The manual page is available here.

Beads for UNIX systems

BEADS 1.1.13 Unix source files are available in this archive.

Beads for Ubuntu or Debian

Please follow repository installation instructions for Ubuntu, or Debian. and then install it with synaptic or with the command :

sudo apt install beads

Beads v.1.1.13 for Windows

BEADS win32 executables are available in this archive. Requirements : please install ImageMagick for Windows before using “qtbeads.exe” or “beads.exe”. You can find this software here :


BEADS is a free software distributed under the terms of the CeCILL licence v.2 (compatible with the GNU GPL licence).


The source code of BEADS is hosted by ForgeMIA. Contributors are welcome to send bug reports or directly access to the git repository via ForgeMIA.