PROTICdb is a web-based application designed to store and analyze proteome data obtained by mass spectrometry. Langella O, Zivy M, Joets J.
  • ALL-P

    ALL-P is a statistical framework based on a hierarchical modeling that takes into account shared peptide information for estimating protein abundances.
  • Database Manager

    This Java application, stores all your sequence databases in a single folder (repository). It offers : conservation of metadata : database origin, species, number of protein, download site, … translation of DNA into protein creation of decoy protein databases (protein reverse, random, peptide reverse combination of different existing databases This application can managed multiple repository.
  • DeNovo pipeline

    The classical method for protein identification of LC-MS/MS data uses database searching and matching, as it is the case in Mascot, Sequest or X!
  • metaprotr

    Description Metaprotr is an R package that contains a set of tools for descriptive analysis of metaproteomics data generated from high-throughput mass spectrometry instruments.