Duties of the PAPPSO platform towards users

  • Provide users with recommendations for sample preparation and information on the operation of equipment.
  • Inform users on sample treatment.
  • Informer les utilisateurs sur le traitement des échantillons.
  • Mobilize all the resources necessary to realize experiments and data analyses (analytical and computer equipment).
  • When private database are necessary for analysis, be committed to use them exclusively on the internal PAPPSO computer server via a restricted and secure access.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of data.
  • Inform users in full detail when a problem occurred during the analysis of their samples.
  • Submit a result report to users.
  • Ensure data backup for a minimum of 2 years (from the date of report submission). The data remain available upon request during this period.
  • Promote and help data diffusion in dedicated repositories to share them with the scientific community in agreement with the INRA data sharing policy.

Duties of the users towards the PAPPSO platform

  • Make contact here with PAPPSO engineers to present the project.
  • Give information on the objectives of the experiment through a dedicated form sent after the first contact.
  • Provide PAPPSO with the samples prepared according to the platform recommendations for LC-MS/MS analyses.
  • Give access to relevant databases necessary for protein identification when not available on the internet.
  • Financially participate to analyses costs according to the tariffs available here.
  • Diffuse the data as much as possible through their submission to dedicated repositories.

Publication of the results and signature (articles and communications)

Publication must follow usual rules of signature and acknowledgements:

  • If the results produced by PAPPSO are essential to the paper or communication, the users shall commit to co-sign papers with the people from the platform who performed the analyses.
  • Otherwise, the users shall commit to thank the platform for the equipment made available and/or the people from the platform for participating in analyses.

In both cases, a sentence for thanking specifically PAPPSO is necessary as follows:

Proteomics analyses were performed on the PAPPSO platform (http://pappso.inra.fr) which is supported by INRA ( http://www.inra.fr), the Ile-de-France regional council ( https://www.iledefrance.fr/education-recherche ), IBiSA ( https://www.ibisa.net ) and CNRS ( http://www.cnrs.fr ).

  • Inform the platform about communications given at congresses showing results obtained partly thanks to PAPPSO.