In December 2015, the PAPPSO platform acquired the first Fusion Lumos tribrid Orbitrap mass spectrometer installed in France. This latest generation mass spectrometer is equipped with three analyzers (quadrupole, trap, orbitrap), three fragmentation modes (CID, HCD, ETD) and thus has a very great versatility of analysis. The fragmentation mode unique to the Lumos: ETD HD (High Definition ETD) range makes it possible to increase the coverage of ions resulting from ETD fragmentation.

Multiple characterizations of post-translational modifications, via either intact mass or Top Down or Bottom up approaches, are now more easily accessible.

Supplier Thermo Scientific
Fragmentation CID, HCD, ETD
Configuration used by the platform The Lumos is coupled to a nanoUPLC (Ultimate 3000 RSLCnano, Thermo)