ALL-P is a statistical framework based on a hierarchical modeling that takes into account shared peptide information for estimating protein abundances. ALL-P performs a simultaneous analysis of all the quantified peptides, handling the biological and technical errors as well as the peptide effect. Compared to a method based on the analysis of one protein at a time that does not include shared peptides (ONE-P method), ALL-P proved to be far more reliable for estimating protein abundances and testing abundance changes.

ALL-P is described in:

Blein-Nicolas M, Xu H, Vienne D, Giraud C, Huet S, Zivy M. (2012) Including shared peptides for estimating protein abundances: a significant improvement for quantitative proteomics. Proteomics, 18 (12) 2797-2801

The source codes of ALL-P and ONE-P can be downloaded from the source code page. They can be easily reproduced and adapted to other experimental designs.

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