X!TandemPipeline (C++) for Windows 64 bits (win7 or higher)

A self extracting and easy to install setup file is available. Just download this file and double click on it : xtpcpp-mingw64-win7+-v 0.4.42 -setup.exe Previous versions can still be downloaded from : ForgeMIA download page

X!TandemPipeline (C++) for Ubuntu or Debian

Please follow repository installation instructions for Ubuntu, or Debian and then install it with synaptic or with the command :

sudo apt-get install xtpcpp


X!TandemPipeline (C++) is a free software distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC licence v3.


The source code of X!TandemPipeline (C++) is hosted by ForgeMIA. Contributors are welcome to send bug reports or directly access to the git repository.

Source code is directly available with git :

git clone git@forgemia.inra.fr:pappso/xtpcpp.git